October 6, 2005

Umm, How Else Can I Put This? Geraldo Drives A Bugaboo

Some days you win, and some days you lose. And today, I have to admit it, the Bugaboo team lost:

Tonight (10/4, good buddy) on a flight from Cleveland to Newark, saw a trim and relaxed Geraldo Rivera in coach(!) with wife and baby. Looking pretty good in Eddie Bauer. My wife, who was sitting right behind him, says no face lift scars behind the ears. G was friendly to the hoi polloi, including the rednecks who wanted a photo while he was trying to reclaim his gate-checked Bugaboo stroller on the jetway. Erica seemed normal and sweet, much like any other girl from Shaker Heights, but was rocking ginormous nursing boobies. They seemed into each other and the kid. G handled all the luggage himself. Truly a refutation of his reputation, right until they loaded everything into a chauffeured Bentley with NYP plates.
Gawker Stalker - scroll down past Martha, DeNiro, and Ashcroft (see? It could've been worse!) [gawker]


Ok--this is it: time to get rid of the Frog!

[just abandon it on the subway platform, maybe? -ed.]

Damnit, Greg. Would you just come clean and admit that your blog is really one of those pseudo-blogs that companies use to generate buzz for their products. Come clean and admit what we all know: you work for Bugaboo.

I am so sick of hearing about bugaboos.

[yeah, cuz companies are clamoring to have their products mentioned in the same sentence as Geraldo. I'll definitely let you know when I sell out. And I apologize in advance for what I'm about to post. -ed.]

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