October 6, 2005

Another Sweet Creative Playthings Dollhouse

While DT reader Andy's waiting for the kid (six days overdue, no pressure!), he's also rounding up info on cleanly designed, wonderfully constructed, vintage Creative Playthings toys, like this two-story dollhouse, which was originally available with either finished or natural solid maple furniture.


That clicking sound you hear is a siteful of daddies surfing over to ebay. [ooh, where they might drop a couple g's on this awesomely retro-futuristic Marx Imagination Dollhouse, sealed in its original box. I want to say one word to you. Just one word: Plastics.]


this would be beyond simple to make for under $50. depending on what type of wood you would be contructing it out of. for the lazy types purchasing the staircase seperately would be a good option.

You might also troll the playrooms and nurseries of the church/temple/meetinghouse of your choice. My kid gets to play with a sweet example of this house after First Day school and no doubt others are out there. And who knows what the Ethical Culture folks might have squirreled away.

[um, I don't think you should be stealing from a church--or even from the secular humanists. -ed.]

Had this very same house as a little girl - complete wwith furniture. Have been looking for one for about 15 years with no luck. Bittersweet to see one so near and yet so far.

Have the house and furniture and will be happy to pass on if intrested in buying.

5 years later... did you sell it? I had this same dollhouse as a kid, too, and would LOVE to give same to my daughter.

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