October 5, 2005

And To Think That I Saw It At Yoyamart

Last weekend, I checked in at Yoyamart, the sweet, sweet kid-centric store in EMePa (East of Meatpacking District). The highlights, some of which are available on Yoyamart's online store, too, are below:
- the smurftastic Bugaboo By limited edition stroller
- expensive plush toys from artists Takashi Murakami and Chinatsu Ban
- Ugly Doll t-shirts
- Offi's chalkboard table
- Yoyamart's chalkboard paint

bugaboo_by.gifThe Bugaboo By limited edition stroller
Yes, it's finally hit the stores, and it is awe-some. As in filling you with awe. There is no way in a million billion jillion years I'd ever drive one around, but all the same, I'm glad it exists. I think the best way to appreciate the Bugaboo By is as a design object. $2,000 is hella expensive for a stroller, but very reasonable for a collectible. If you collect that kind of thing. [It's also at Modernseed, btw.]

Whatever else, though, the workmanship is amazing. The white aluminum (integral color, not painted), the stitched leather handle, the white rubber tires [According to the store owner, it wiped clean as new after a trip around the block. Also, they caused three rear-end accidents. I kid.] Maybe you swap out normal, solid fabric and rock the all white stroller--like black would make a CHiP's edition. Or maybe the custom-colored frame becomes an expensive, limited-production option. [hint: black, black, black]


Mr. Pointy
We bought this Takashi Murakami plush toy for the kid [yeah right, it was for me] in Tokyo when the artist's sculpture was installed at Roppongi Hills. [It was originally shown at Rockefeller Center a couple of years ago.] Anyway, the Roppongi Hills museum shop took it off their website before I could link to it. But leave it to Yoyamart. They have it for sale in the store. Didn't ask how much, but I'm sure it's more than the 4K Yen I paid.


Chinatsu Ban's plush underwear-wearing elephants

Ban is a young artist who works for Murakami, and her cutey cute daddy/baby elephant sculptures were installed in Central Park this summer. [I assume they were dad/son elephants; they were both wearing tighty whiteys.] Anyway, there are plush versions available, too. Who knew? $90. [!]

Ugly Doll T-shirts
I know, Ugly Dolls aren't for kids. Whatever. If they're trying to drive this point home by only making Ugly Doll t-shirts in adult sizes, I GET IT. No kid-sizes, no onesies rompers. Time to break out the old t-shirt-to-romper sewing instructions. [An alternative: while not ugly, there are kid's shirts with Yoyamart's own little monkey logo.]

yoyamart_paint.jpgOffi Chalkboard Table...and Chalkboard-Magnetic Paint
You can check out this table in person and buy it on the spot...or you can do what 99.9% of the people do when they see a piece of cool-but-expensive chalkboard kids furniture: they pick up a can of chalkboard-magnetic paint for $29.

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Cool stuff, especially Mr. Pointy. Reminds me of the Unfortunate Animal of the Month Club over at Morbid Tendencies. I keep saying I'm going to subscribe when Royse gets a little older and my wife keeps saying "No!"

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