October 4, 2005

Prowess-less Biker? Try A Prowless Bike Seat

That numb sensation? That erectile dysfunction? That 70-80% drop in penile blood oxygen levels within 3 minutes of getting on the bike? That 28-year-old with the penile vascular system of a 60-year-old? At some point, serious cyclists who don't want serious sexual dysfunction need to fix their bicycle seats. Noseless seats, which don't concentrate all the pressure on the perineum, may be the answer.

At least if the researchers monitoring "the quality of nighttime erections in young policemen who patrol on bicycles" are to be believed. The real problem may be credibility; that study sounds like a the worst bachelorette party cover story ever.
Serious Riders, Your Bicycle Seat May Affect Your Love Life [nyt]

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