October 4, 2005

Other Daddies Typing, Vol. 4


  • Even though AJ has come up with a whole bunch of swanky, convenient, stylish, or fun options, when it comes right down to it, I have to side with the Simpsons: "This leash demeans us both." Still, his research led to the discovery of the Pigg-o-Stat, a plexiglass child restraint system for taking X-rays and stuff that's the awesomest thing I've seen since Bonsai Kitten. [thingamababy]
  • I've heard stories of kids who learn to use a few signs before they learn to talk, and it helps their behavior and frustration levels tremendously. And here's another: Chattabob's son Caleb is getting some words down, but he's also a signing bandit. Bonus link: signwithme.com, an online signing dictionary with lots of video [bob.chattablogs.com]
  • The Bean's Dad is fed up with old ladies calling The Bean "he," especially when she's dressed in pink. And here I thought it was these damn old people who foisted this pink/blue hegemony on us in the first place. It really bugs me, too, though; must be a dad thing. [thebeansdad.blogspot.com]
  • Dutch's quest a couple of weeks ago for a good modernist dollhouse that isn't so uptight you'd never let the kid near it [Villa Sibi, hello] or a bit too museum-shoppy [RIP, Bozart] is just an excuse to point to this Dwell-y little Modern Doll House at Modernseed. I'm partial to the limited-edition dollhouse that artist Yinka Shonibare did a couple of years ago; no way the kid's getting near that, either, though. [sweetjuniper.blogspot.com]
  • Meanwhile, Dutch is now a veritable Don King of the Sleep Wars. He pits two infant sleeping experts--"Love'em to sleep" advocate Dr. Sears and "Let'em cry it out" Dr. Marc Weissbluth--against each other. Watch the sparks fly with dueling quotes and a lively peanut/comment gallery. I got no dog in this fight, though; the kid's been sleeping since she was 4 weeks old. [sweetjuniper.blogspot.com]
  • Buck and Bunty had the kid last week. Liam. Congratulations! [bucksmith.blogs.com]
  • Bloggingbaby got a tip on the Babysock, a blanket that a kid can't kick off. That reminds me of when I put Scotch tape on the bottom of my little sister's kitten's feet. Before every step, he'd try to shake it off. Hi-larious. At the time, anyway. I'd say I've changed, but Bonsai Kitten... [bloggingbaby.com]
  • Teletubbies-brand cocaine? Who's surprised? Everyone knows the curse of the child star. [via f-bomb, among others]

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    We've been using baby sign language with our daughter for a while now. She's picked up quite a few words. I think now (15 months) she can say more words than she can sign, but there isn't much overlap, which is good.

    Of course, it broke my heart one time when she whacked her head and was crying really hard. I was trying to comfort her and she just looked at me with this sad little pouty face, tears streaming down, and signed 'hurt' to me :(

    [ :( -ed.]

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