October 4, 2005

Baby Legwarmers: Flashdance Or Diaper-Changing Nirvana?

flashdance.gif baby_legs_chair.gif

For some of you, legwarmers may be too closely linked to formative teenage memories of Flashdance, water-soaked exotic dancers, and Jennifer Beals' jiggling body doubles to allow you to consider putting your own child in a pair of Baby Legs even for one second. She's not leaving the house dressed like that.

For the rest of you, who find tights--or pants, for that matter--a pain to deal with during diaper changes, and who like the idea of warming your kid's chubby little legs with cow-print or flame-licked sweater sleeves, Baby Legs are just the ticket.

I assume they stay on. And I assume that very soon, they'll use their top-secret stay-on technology to make a pair of baby socks that stay on, too. What a feeling that would be.

Baby Legs, $9.99 at Wild Child [wildchildpdx, via dt reader christy]


These kind of things are great for elimination communication babies, who don't wear diapers and whose parents need to be able to get them over the pot quickly when the urge strikes.

[ah, much like these crotchless pants. I knew there was a real, non-sarcastic reason behind them. -ed.]

Sox that stay on...I've searched high and low. Figured the more the sock cost the longer it would stay on, wrong! Turns out the best socks on the market (I swear they can stay on all day) are "Baby Bum" by Bum Equipment sold at Walmart. I hate to advocate shopping at the "beast from Bentonville", but when you find a sock that stays on...

[Since we never went to Wal-Mart, we settled for the Carter's socks sold at Target, which are somehow cheaper than the Carter's stuff elsewhere, but which stayed on pretty well. Go figure. -ed.]

Found socks at the Carters' outlet that worked well too. Carters' is great for 0-12 month clothes, sleepers and socks. After that, the sizing seems to go haywire.

Now, socks are kept on by her shoes (Stride Rite).

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