October 4, 2005

Other Daddies Typing, Vol. 4

Even though AJ has come up with a whole bunch of swanky, convenient, stylish, or fun options, when it comes right down to it, I have to side with the Simpsons: "This leash demeans us both." Still, his research...
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Hoosier Daddy?

I think I saw a stultifyingly didactic movie adaptation of this once, A Handmaid's Tale. I hear the book was fine, but totally implausible. Then I read a story about an Indiana legislator introducing a bill that would require a...
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On Losable (vs. Disposable) Cups, And On Losing The Bottle Altogether

We've recently gone off the bottle; we tried swapping out the kid's lunchtime bottle of milk for a lunchtime sippy cup of milk at about 12 months. Didn't go so well. The kid--who's been drinking water from cups for ages,...
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These Toys Stink. Literally.

I'd forgotten that the kid's Lamaze Multi-sensory Clutch Cube--a favorite toy--smelled like green apples. Maybe it doesn't matter; the kid loved it, and so did we. But what'd we know? We loved it because the kid loved it, and it...
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Strollers For Porsche Drivers

And all these years, you thought those license plate frames and stroller bumper stickers were just a joke. British DT reader Paula's vexing circumstance proves otherwise. Can anyone help her out with the info?Checking out this website, as the 'mummys'...
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"Jane, You Ignorant Slut."

Sure, I was asked to submit some writing samples like everyone else, and I'm glad to see that one of the funniest, smartest dad-bloggers out there got the gig instead. But Oxygen TV's new Oh Baby! Opinionated Parenting blog...
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Baby Legwarmers: Flashdance Or Diaper-Changing Nirvana?

For some of you, legwarmers may be too closely linked to formative teenage memories of Flashdance, water-soaked exotic dancers, and Jennifer Beals' jiggling body doubles to allow you to consider putting your own child in a pair of Baby...
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Prowess-less Biker? Try A Prowless Bike Seat

That numb sensation? That erectile dysfunction? That 70-80% drop in penile blood oxygen levels within 3 minutes of getting on the bike? That 28-year-old with the penile vascular system of a 60-year-old? At some point, serious cyclists who don't want...
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Remember That NYC Baby-Stabbing?

It gets better/worse. Turns out the stabber and his roommates in the mental home traded some words over--well, I'll let him explain:žLately, they been getting on my nerves,Ó he said of žOassieÓ and žBilly.Ó žTheyŪd been hounding me to clean...
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Let Me Get Back To You On The Harvard Thing

Malcolm Gladwell writes about the oddball admissions policies put in place at Harvard and other Ivies in the early 20th century. They began emphasizing character and leadership potential, not just intellectual achievement. Easier to keep the Jews out that way....
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