October 3, 2005

The 9-Tsubo House With Kids? [That's 320 sf, btw]

Having a kid in a 400-square foot apartment? That's nothing. In Japan, they've been designing houses for kids plural to fit on 320-sf lots since 1952--and loving it. A Japanese firm Commdesign has commissioned several architect/designers to create variations on...
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Bugaboo-Hacking: Bag Clips For The Cameleon

I've gotten several emails from people asking the same question about the Bugaboo Cameleon: "Is it true there aren't any bag clips? Cuz that'd be a dealbreaker for us." My short reply is "Relax, it's true, but not that bad."...
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Congratulations, Nicolas Cage! Actually, It's A Family Name

Did you know: - that before nearly ruining the filming of Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now, Marlon Brando played Superman's father, Jor-El? - that Nicolas Cage's given name is Coppola? Nephew. - that Cage was once slated to play Superman...
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Salon Goes Stroller-crazy

So a new mom goes to her pediatrician's office in a "trendy neighborhood" in Manhattan, and everyone there has the same "trendy" stroller except her? The thing is expensive--$900--but they can afford it. She wonders if the money couldn't be...
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"I Got A $70,000 Minivan."

I was a too young 17, and trying hard to prove my post-punk North Carolina bona fides to all the so-cool Southern Californians at Brigham Young University. It was long after the Rat Pack, but long before Swingers when, on...
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NatGeo Watering Hole Cam Brings The Zoo To You

We happen to live a block from the zoo in both NYC and DC, so the kid's been going to see the animals a couple of times a week since she was like two weeks old. [Not to rag too...
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