October 1, 2005

WWZD: What Would Zahara Do?

maddox_fauxhawk.jpg beckham_mohican.jpg

Fox News Exclusive Friday: Angelina Jolie's kids--the most influential nippers in the world--singlehandedly launching hot trends in hairstyles, fashion, and third world adoption. Just look at this:

  • Zahara has apparently turned the until-now utterly obscure "Baby Bjorn" into one of "this year's must-haves" for people trying to carry their kid like a celebrity. [And only $79.99!]
  • And forget Cambodians, they're so 2003. Ethiopians are now the must-adopt nationality, says New York mom Terry Wasserman. "I live in New York City. Babies have become fashion accessories. Kids are now fashion accessories," says Wasserman, who nevertheless insists "she bought hers out of practicality rather than stylishness."
  • How to explain the Mohawk madness gripping the nation right now? Two simple words: Maddox Jolie. Even David Beckham got one, Fox reports, "seemingly thanks to Maddox's Mohawk." Skeptical? Then tell me why the liberal NY Times copied Fox's story, right down to the mention of Jennifer Connolly and Paul Bettany? Hmm?

    But the question's not whether this kind of celebrity-chasing happens. It does. The question is, "How ridiculous is it?" Or to put it another way, "How ridiculous is it compared to tracking down Seal's car seat?"

    'Saw It on Maddox': Jolie's Kids Set Trends [foxnews, via dt reader Christy]

    Maddox via ONTD - Maddox is a fashion icon!
    Beckham via Sydney Morning Herald, "Female fans style pubic hair like Beckham's Mohican."


    The Baby Bjorn---new trend??
    Umm, I thought it was a new trend 3 years ago after it was on sex and the city. Silly me.

    Baby Not-Re-Bjorn...

    Looks like she took the trend from me. Baby Bjorn, convienence on your back.

    Only mohawk I have seen has been football... oh yeah, on my newborn's head as well!

    hmmmm, I think the BabyBjorn is as obscure in the Baby Gear department as the Graco stroller. Didn't you post recently something about the obligatory "celebrity w/ baby-in-a-Bjorn" when Danny Moder was photographed with one of the twins somewhere?

    Frankly, since they can afford it, I'd like to see them all carrying their kids in something a little nicer and custom made (no, not the Gucci carrier you posted about, Greg, that thing was plain stupid).

    As far as David Beckham's hair, he's always changing his 'do and it's always news in the UK (I guess Fox didn't bother to check). I think I remember him sporting a mohawk around the time the FIFA World Cup was held in the US a few years ago. I doubt HE's influenced by Maddox Jolie...

    And maybe I'm being really uptight today but that woman who referred to babies and kids as "fashion accessories" scares me. People who *think* that way scare me. And make it clear why we're even reading about infant dumpsters and Spark and so many other crazy, ridiculous kid-related things.

    [some days people think my ironic wit is hilarious, and some days people think I'm off my rocker. I guess today is the latter.

    And the other expensive baby carrier is that sheepskin one, but I'm actually cooler with people NOT overspending just because they can. Call me old-fashioned. -ed.]

    hehehe, most days I think your ironic wit is hilarious AND you're off your rocker... who cares? The men in the white suits will come for ME before they get to you!

    I just figured that since you seemed mildly disappointed in the Seal-Klum's choice of carseat, I could register an equal level of disappointment in all these celebrities choosing the prosaic Bjorn. They tend to have stuff that the rest of us can only WISH we could get our hands on, but they can't get their hands on a Hotslings, Ergo or Sutemi pack, or a custom Onbuhimo/Kozy/BabyHawk/Sachi/FreeHand... c'mon, they don't even cost more than a Bjorn! I have no idea what sheepskin carrier you're referring to, but it's probably too hot to use in LA ;-) As for people overspending, dude, I'm one of the biggest cheapskates around! (But notice I don't jump down your blog-throat when you post about $1k dressers)

    Now, can we go back to address the more serious issue of people thinking that babies & kids are fashion accessories??? WTF is THAT about?

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