October 1, 2005

And Here We Thought She Was Learning French

mo_silver_buckle.jpgure, on the 5th to 10th consecutive readings of Miss Spider's Birthday we have resorted to just saying the letters and letting the kid fill in the rest [I hope she remembers to use "ogle" and "mingle" during the pre-school interviews.]. And now that you mention it, she does recognize "G" from my cowboy belt buckle [Montana Silversmiths, from Ream's, the late, great grocery/westernwear store in Provo, Utah]. But please, she's one year old. Harvard bedamned, we are not teaching her the alphabet.

And despite the urgings of her Francophilic aunt, we were not teaching her French...yet. So when the kid started chanting "M-O-I, M-O-I" from time to time, and we couldn't for the life of us figure out where it was coming from.

Then on the way to the store this morning, my wife called, excited and a little freaked out, because the kid was in the back, poking repeatedly at the visible letters on her car seat and chanting "M [axi-C] O [s] I."


Yeah, our first picked up the numbers and then the alphabet... go figure. I guess they learn at their own pace. His friend doesn't know his alphabet from a hole in the ground but can speak sentences... my son know his alphabet forwards, backwards and even upside down but to speak two words in a row is a feat for him

Our first picked everything up like that. I didn't know at the time that it was a little early. Now I am a preschool teacher and realize how some struggle with it so much. Reading to them teaches them way more than most parents realize. As for not speaking as much as another child, Einstein was four before he uttered a word. Chances are, it is all going on inside the kids head. Just hope that when he gets to school, someone will understand his uniqueness, and teach him accordingly.

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