September 30, 2005

Single Man Loves His Chrysler Town & Country

Sensible, gainfully employed, good at math, available... I can't figure out why Brian Feldman hasn't been snapped up by some sweet, family-minded Pennsylvania maiden. I mean, he already has a Chrysler Town & Country minivan, and he loves loves LOVES it. Just a brief excerpt from his T&C FAQ:

How much do you spend on gasoline for your Town & Country?

My current record for one month (July 2005) is $354.01 for 10 tanks of gas at about $2.15 per gallon. My most expensive fill-up so far has been $42 for 16.8 gallons at $2.50 a gallon.

$354.01! I could feed my entire family for what you spend on gas!

And you could both start and raise an entire family in the back of a Town & Country. You'd easily spend more than $354.01 on food if you tried to walk 3000 miles. You would need to burn 300,000 calories. It wouldn't be fair if we considered food that you cooked yourself - after all, I don't have to refine my own oil to fill up my van. Let's consider one of the best fast food items in terms of calories per dollar - a Taco Bell Gordita. At a reasonable price of $1.40 per Gordita, 300 calories apiece, you would spend $1400 on food (33 Gorditas per day!) to travel as far as my van goes on $354.01 of gas.

Does anyone out there have a sister who knows her way around a Chalupa?

Brian Feldman: A Man & His Minivan
[via jalopnik]

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