September 28, 2005

Well It's About Time: Whole Foods Lifestyle Store

As if Whole Foods wasn't lifestyle enough already, the company is now set to open an official lifestyle store (i.e., everything but food) next to an existing Whole Foods market in West Hollywood (at Santa Monica and Fairfax, if you're putting your shopping list together).

Treehugger says there'll be organic baby clothes, and Planet Ark says there'll be organic American Apparel clothes, and since American Apparel makes organic baby clothes, I guess we only know one relevant product so far. Let's check back in October, shall we?

Whole Foods To Open Lifestyle Store [treehugger, or the planet ark, take your pick]

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From the Whole Foods press release:

Baby and Kids:

Green Babies 100% organic cotton clothing and accessories for babies and children.

Under The Nile 100% organic cotton clothing, bibs, toys, blankets for infants.

Speesees 100% organic cotton baby clothes

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