September 27, 2005

Seal's Station Wagon Can Kick Your Station Wagon's Butt

seal_basket.jpg seal_mbe55.jpg
The Klum-Seals hit the town last week, where they got ambushed by paparazzi hoping to score a photo of the new kid. Meanwhile, Seal looks to be toting Henry in a carrycot that's part of a stroller; that thick diagonal black thing on the side is right where the clamps are on the Mountain Buggy carrycot. But I don't know of any yellow MB models...

One MB I DO know: the Mercedes Benz E55 AMG Wagon, which he's loading his guitar into in the pic at right. It's only the sweetest station wagon in the history of the world. Ever. With a 469-horsepower supercharged V-8, the thing's as fast as a Porsche 911S, carries more gear than a Cayenne, and is rarer than a Bentley Continental. They sold out the US allotment so fast, dads had to start special ordering them for European delivery at the factory. Bet that was the last time they were ever slow off the line, though. Oh, and they're $90,000. but day-um... Oh, and their other car is a Range Rover, but who cares? [BrunoPress via cbb]
Read ecstatic reviews of the E55 AMG Wagon here and here and here.

[update: I just heard from the Mountain Buggy folks that there's a Lime Green model available in non-UK Europe, where One Tree Hill markets it as the Urban Jungle Buggy, and the single is available at Babycare for EUR744 (!!). Convention dictates I change the headline to "Seal Drives A Jungle Buggy!!!" but I think I'll pass. Well played, Mountain Buggers, well played.]


Hey, Greg, you neglected to mention that, if you go to that BrunoPress site, you can search all the paprazzi photos for the keyword "stroller"!
Then you can cast your discerning eye over tous le haut-monde and their baby conveyances!
Courteney Cox and a Bugaboo! Gwyneth Paltrow and a Bugaboo! Colm Meany and a Bugaboo!
(am I sensing a trend, here?)
Liv Tyler and a Bugaboo! Debra Messing and a Bugaboo! Kate Hudson and a Bugaboo! George Stephanopolis and a Bugaboo! (who knew that guy was straight?)
Reese Witherspoon and a McClaren! (she must not have gotten the memo)
Angelina Jolie (yowza!) and some brand I can't identify, but I'm sure you stroller nerds could pick out a thousand yards.
Yes, it's Stroller Porn!!

[Yeah, at some point in the last month, I found that even in my cheesiest, most sarcastic moment, I couldn't type the headline, "Colm Meany drives a Bugaboo!!!" Sorry I failed you; I'll turn in my Starfleet badge now. -ed.]

Yeh, but what's the web address? Aussie here, don't know what bruno press is - doesn't come up under

Wanna see!!!

[hm, the link should work, it's and search for, well, in this case, search for Klum. -ed.]

I think that is a Mountain Buggy carrycot. Even the Mountain Buggy people know the value of a celebrity parent. I'm not down with the day-glo nylony looking stuff though.

If anyone has an E55 wagon and wants to swing by Philly, I would like to go for a spin.

hmmmmm.... let me ponder this for a minute....
Whew, I feel better now.
I'd say there's some Mountain Buggery going on here, all right.

The european mountain buggy is called "one tree hill"-urban jungle.And you can buy them in all colors.In Norway the urban jungle costs 858 dollars...

[right, like I said... here's the reformatted link to, a German retailer. -ed.]

There was a pistachio color that Baby Outfitters in the US carried last year when I was stroller shopping. Looked just like this. Don't think they are still available though.

I thought they used a Stokke Xplory which does come in that color and now has a bassinet attachment.

[true, but their Xplory is blue, and the bassinet has a hard shell on the lower half. From a couple of other paparazzi photos at the same spot which show the other side of the bassinet, it's clear that it's Mountain Buggy. -ed.]

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