September 27, 2005

And Tango's Daddy's New Girlfriend Makes Four

As if you didn't have enough penguin mating drama to keep up with this summer, now comes news that Roy and Silo, a same-sex penguin couple in the Central Park Zoo, have split up, and Silo has taken up with a female penguin from California named Scrappy. Roy & Silo and their adopted offspring Tango are the subject of the kid's book, And Tango Makes Three. Presumably, the sequel will detail how Tango and her girlfriend [who knew?] have to split penguin holidays going between the various in-laws' nests.

Confused? But I haven't even gotten to the part about Angelina Jolie yet. [via gawker]

New Love Breaks Up a 6-Year Relationship at the Zoo [nyt]
Previously: And Tango Makes Three: the book

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