September 26, 2005

Other Daddies Typing, vol. 3

  • In the whirlwind logistics of getting out of the house in the morning, disaster strikes: Duckies, Bobo, and Pillow don't make the trip. But is it Jason's fault? [hint: if you find yourself quoting George Bush in your explanation to your wife, it's your fault.] [pet cobra, via parents behaving badly]
  • Back in the old days, they used to say those all-gums 1-year-olds were just "dumb in teeth." On the bright side, they're very "smart in drool." [not-for-profit dad]
  • When a Baltimore woman had quintuplets, local retailers donated a year's supply of Y's and mid-name capital letters. There weren't enough for poor little Jade, though. Won't you help? Please send your extra Y's to bloggingbaby today.
  • The kid'll be one in seven months, and the parents had hoped to get around $15k for the advertising space on his chest, butt, and forehead. They got $650. Stop by their site, Tampa Bay Drunks, before May to see who the winning advertiser is. [via bloggingbaby, who's seen this kind of thing before]
  • thDad makes like NY1 and reads the parenting magazines for us. Which is how he found an actually informative article about making the most of playing at different stages of development. [learning through playtime - thdad]
  • TwoBert, Laid-Off Dad's 2nd kid, is now 4 months old and is smart in both teeth and drool. [lod]
  • How to deal with a diaper blowout on someone else's white carpet? What to do when your breastfeeding kid goes looking for a pick-me-up in someone else's blouse? Metrodad asks the tough questions.
  • I saw and lost an email about birth announcements that look like movie posters. Fortunately, Modern Day Dad found it.
  • "Doula, where's my car?" heh. Simple Dad's top ten things learned in childbirth class. [simple dad]
  • Sleep-around mom tells half-black kid no, he's just got a skin condition. Years later, no hilarity ensues. [via pbb. Wasn't this guy on This American Life a few years back?]
  • Finally, Thudguard has an ideal customer segment: the newborn children of 15-year-old idiot dads. [via who else but pbb?]


    There was a similar story on NPR about a bi-racial boy being raised as a completely white child. But, the family had an italian last name and the mother was NOT a jackass like that lady, just stuck in the 50's, pregnant and not married. The NPR story is a good one, and interesting (damnit if I can't find it on their site, though).

    Thanks for reading my stuff; as to my culpability in the lost blanket, pillow, and sock monkey affair, I plead the 5th.

    Regarding the "This American Life" story you referred to: Stephanie's right, it wasn't the same kid and family. The kid's name was also David, but his last name was Paladino, and his family was really nice. And yeah, it's a good story. You can find it on the TAL website under "Family Physics".

    [thanks, here's the link. I didn't remember it being so harsh as this new story. They just told him he was Sicilian or something, I think. Definitely check it out. -ed.]

    Thanks for the referral Greg!

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