September 25, 2005

Irreverent Naked Southerner Makes Dad T-Shirts, Bares Ass

Just the type of post to make after coming home from church. I'm sure I'll burn in hell.

Steve's Nude Memphis blog is a cross between MTV's Jackass and Wait Till Your Father Finishes Watching The Man Show. And on his CafePress t-shirt, "Screw The Feminists, Dads Rule," is a picture of the boy who, one day, will offer Jell-o shots to your little princess at her first Spring Break on South Padre Island.

You have been warned. [Thanks to dt reader jj]


I saw the T-shirt and thought I was offended but then I checked his blog and discovered the "ebonics lesson" - offended doesn't even begin to describe my feelings. America is great because anyone has the right to make an ass of themselves; the internet is great because we all get to watch.

Ah HA! You thought I'd never find this, but I did. I see all, know all, and market as much of it as I can.

[A HA! My ploy to flush you out by driving tens of people to your site has succeeded. -ed.]

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