September 25, 2005

A Reading From Lamentations (Of A Dad-To-Be)

From the baby gear gospel according to DT reader Daniel, who emailed this to me:

What is it? I don't get it! Am I crazy for admiring simplicity?
Am I the different one for shunning ruffles?
Does the majority of this country have all their taste in the mouths?
I am always at a loss when I see a parent pushing a monster pea green
or beige Graco stroller. What the hell are they thinking when they
went stroller shopping? That the color is chic? Give me a f'n break!
I have seen the cool cribs, the cool strollers, hell, I even researched a cool diaper bag, but where are all the modernist bassinets?
It seems as if the disease of the frilly has jumped from the crib and
spread to the bassinet. I can not, for the life of me, understand why
the general population buys this crap.
Amen, brother. For some righteous bassinets, you probably have to go to the promised lands of Denmark [home of the rockin' Leander Cradle] or Finland [can you say Seimi?]. Of course, finding a cool bassinet at a gen-pop price is probably harder than getting a camel through the eye of a needle. The rich man might not be getting into heaven, but his kid'll have a sweet bassinet in the mean time. [Us, we used the Bugaboo for 3 months.]

[update: there IS this one coming to Sparkability next month, the Cariboo Gentle Motions bassinet. Pros: clean lines, it's actually available in the US, only $329. Cons: "clean" can also mean "towel rack."]


One thing I don't get -- why do you need a separate bassinet-thing at all?

Taking advice from mommies I knew, I bought a pack-n-play with a bassinet attachment (like a hammock, but more firm). Less frilly than the traditional bassinet, with the promise of many baby-related uses.

For us, the pack-n-play was baby's nighttime sleep station for the first 3 months. We used a cradle (a loaner) downstairs during the day for naps, and the "bassinet" at the foot of our bed at night (some would use a co-sleeper at the bedside; in our case, there was more room at the foot of the bed).

By 3 months, she had enough heft to wiggle herself awake, so we moved her to a crib in her own room for naps and nighttime.

Why do you need a separate thing at all? You don't, but:
- It's handy if baby's in your room and the crib isn't;
-It's small and more newborn-sized;
-The pack-n-play, e.g., promises to be multi functional (good for travel, use it in transition from crib to toddler bed, great for storing toys in a pinch, etc).

Well, hey us Graco drivers would love to have Frogs but it's hard to justify a stroller thats more than your mortgage payment.

[there you go, flaunting your affordable real estate market. Next you'll tell me your house has more than four rooms... -ed.]

I also belong to the "bugaboo would have cost more than my mortgage payment" club.

Don't think I'm berating the Bugaboogers: cheap real estate usually means small town and fewer choices.

You get what you pay for ;)

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