September 24, 2005

Neal Pollack's Tips For Surviving A Baby Shower

Now, surviving is a pretty low bar, and Pollack barely clears it, but he certainly does better than he did with that pre-school expulsion thing. He writes in the NYT Magazine about going to a "couples shower" at his mother-in-law's house in Nashville. What it involves:

  • a lot of church ladies no one but the mother-in-law knows,
  • a lot of mock horror directed at the conventional gifts these strangers gave,
  • a few rounds of scaring the crap out of your 3-year-old nephew, and
  • a gloveboxful of weed. [not quite sure what this is for...]

    Showering Together ][nytmag, why is the URL "funny-humor.html"? Is there an unfunny-humor section?]

  • 1 Comment

    The funnyhumor.htm thing is them trying to reassure themselves that readers will laugh and laugh, and not find it pathetic, as it actually is.

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