September 23, 2005

Umm, Got Issues? My Father, The Architect

Until she was three years old, Julia Eisenman was dressed exclusively in white, at the insistence of her father, Peter Eisenman, the theorist/ringleader of the neo-Corbusian architectural clique once called the "New York Five." And it wasn't just her--all the walls of their Riverside Drive apartment in New York were white. "At school, the girls had Laura Ashley wallpaper and plush carpeting and I was like, 'I want Laura Ashley wallpaper!' And my dad said, 'No. No. The most I'll give you is one wall in your bedroom with a color on it.' So I got one bluish-purplish wall. That kind of pissed me off, because I was like, 'why can't we just paint the whole room?'"
From Andrew Blum's interviews with architects' children, originally published in the July/Aug 2004 issue of Dwell. My Father, The Architect [, via unbeige]

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I remember thinking that was so sad when I read it and then I thought, what would happen if my daughter wanted Laura Ashley wallpaper? I would probably ban it, too. But then, I am not opposed to color. Just Laura Ashley.

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