September 22, 2005

The John Ritter Twin Carrier

john_ritter.jpgI had a dream that I lived across the street from John Ritter. It was a narrow street, like those walkways in Venice Beach, so we were in each other's faces a lot. Anyway, he was just coming home, unloading his three kids in the front yard. He had one swaddled 6-mo twin on his right shoulder, while a toddler and the other swaddled twin grinned at me like those little troll dolls (with the hair) from a double Maclaren.

Just as I'm thinking, "sheesh, three's company indeed, How's he gonna get those two kids out of that stroller with one hand?" John says "Hi!" in that inexorably perky way of his, and grabs a handle between the kids that I hadn't noticed before. They both popped right up and out of the stroller, and he carried them, happily suspended like two cups of beer at a baseball game or the last two bottles of Coke in a six-pack, from a twin carrier that was attached around their necks. Just as I was about to ask Jon who makes it, the kid woke me up.

The closest thing I can find--which isn't close at all, really, since it carries baby bottles, not babies--is the Double Thirsty Tote by Built NY. They're the folks who make those neoprene wine carriers that revolutionized the concert-in-the-park industry a couple of years ago. It's about $20 shipped if you buy it direct. I'm still working on the Ritter thing.

Built NY Baby []


Let me know when you dream up Charlize Theron with a double Bugaboo.

PS. the guy at Magic Beans here in MA said that there will be one next year for $1800. gasp!

i love John Ritter. he was a good actor. i liked him in that movie 'IT'

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