September 21, 2005

Now That's Friggin' Elegant

license_plate_onesie.jpgLike a little Navin Johnson rifling through the phone book, as a child, I found my place in the world and validation of my existence at gas stations and souvenir shops, where I'd spin through racks of plastic vanity license plates as a kid until I found myself.

Fortunately for fragile young psyches everywhere, the emergence of mass customization technology parallels the proliferation of creatively spelled and uncommon baby names. Little Shepherd Seinfeld, for example, might have been scarred for life if it weren't for, which offers to embroider a kid's name on your choice of state license plate and applique it onto a onesie [sic] in any color you like, so long as it's pink or blue.

Personalized License Plate Onesie, $34 at

Unique Gifts For Shepherd Seinfeld

1 Comment

Soleil Moon Frei's kid would just look like cocky jerk in an MFA program.

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