September 20, 2005

Brother, That's Grim: British Nursery Rhyme Contest Winner

Nick Jr. may be all sugar cereal and Transformers here in the States, but over in England, it sponsors dark, serious nursery rhyme contests which are won by songs of Tony Blair lying his way into the Iraq war.

Other subjects: September 11th, the Pope's death, the pressures of working parents... Whatever happened to happy, carefree songs like "Ring around the Rosie?" [the kid's favorite, by the way. though she refuses to fall until everyone else is fallen--and is waiting, watching for her to fall in some dramatic way.]

Bogeyman Blair has the right ingredients for winning rhyme [guardian, via robotwisdom]

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Ummmm - back when I was a kid in the Middle Ages, "Ring Around the Rosie" was a song about the plague. The "ring" was an inflammation around the ubiquitous plague-induced buboes, the posies were to stave off the smell of the dead, and "we all fall down" . . . well, you get the picture.

At least we now have flea collars for the rats.

[yeah, the joke only worked if you click on the link to the rosies/plague article. sorry. -ed.]

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