September 19, 2005

Where Do You Want The ducduc, Mac?

ducduc_alex.jpgducduc is no longer just a potentiality, hovering on the horizon of your crib and nursery purchases like a distant cloud. It's here. And it's for sale. And it looks good. And most of it's $1,000-$1,500, the same range as other high-quality nursery furniture.

Sparkability's selling the ducduc Alex Crib, which is made of hardwood in a variety of color combinations, including my snap favorite, orange [ducduc apparently wants to own orange for kid furniture the way Nickelodeon does for TV]. They're available plain, or with cleanly designed little, heh-heh funny vinyl decals on the end that make it look like a crate.

Delivery time's 8-10 weeks. So get thinkin'.

ducduc Alex Crib, $985 at Sparkability
[plus $100 delivery, it's hardwood, after all, via metrodad]
Check out all the ducduc furniture collections at

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DWR will have ducduc in their childrens line and Design Public(free shipping)has it as well. I just went to their showroom and the quality is really, really nice.

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