September 19, 2005

I Want To See More Seimi

seimi_new_peti.jpgSeimi is a Finnish company which started a line of baby furniture last year after--all together now--a couple of designers had a kid and were disappointed with the modern options for new parents.

The line continues to evolve and expand this year, too. The new version of their fabric- or wood-paneled Peti crib is now a convertible, which adapts from bassinet/changing table to crib to toddler bed to daybed, all without any add-on parts.

And they introduced the ingenious Rinki high chair, too; it's basically a round bar stool which converts to a high chair via an outer ring that raises and lowers like a collapbsible drinking cup.

Seimi's exclusive US distributor these days is designer David Netto, so why not drop a line and ask the Peti and Rinki will be available?

Seimi Baby Collection []
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Thank God these modern designers have started reproducing. We lost entire generations of modern designers back in the 1980s and 1990s when the selfish twits decided that they could not bear the thought of baby vomit on their Marquina rugs or teethmarks in their Timavo tables.

Is baby furniture design not even on these people's radar until they have impregnated one of their own? Your "all together now" jab cracked me up Greg.

Just saw them in a trade show in Germany.
The design is nice but the quality is not great.

We were in Sweden last week and by coincidence, one restaurant we were in had the rinki high chair (or one that looks just like it.) While attractive, it was totally dysfunctional. Our daughter, who is 13 months, was easily able to get both legs into one hole and slide completely out of the chair through the large leg holes. Also, the height of the bar keeping them in the chair and the connectin poles are such that you cannot actually pull the child up to the table. The meal was a constant game of trying to keep the child in the chair and then having to hand her food piece by piece to the point where we eventually moved her to our laps and alternated eating. This high chair would definitely not be good for home use. We actually did note several very modern, attractive and extremely functional high chairs while we were there, this just wasn't one of them.

[yikes, I figured the wide leg openings would keep it out of the US forever for this very reason, but it seems like a total oversight--and a dealbreaker--if you can't slide it up to the table. That's really odd. Thanks, though. ed.]

The Swedish one cant be an original rinki - because seimi baby collection doesnt have a distributor in Sweden - i wish they had...
/waiting - waiting

Meg, I got really worried about your comment and emailed seimi today. Their response was that they had launched the rinki high chair just last weekend and so far delivered none to Sweden, so the one you saw there could not be theirs.
Though, they were really interested where you saw this high chair which reminded you of theirs...!?

Anyway, I asked also about if you could pull the chair next to the table. Their response was that the upper circle becomes right next to the table top, so you couldnĄt get it any closer (as with any other high chair).

Greetings from Finland!

We are very pleased that people are talking about seimi products - thank you!

Both products - rinki highchair and peti crib
were launched on Sept.16th in Cologne at "kind und jugend" fair and it is impossible to find them from Sweden yet (working on it;).

DonĄt hesitate to ask or order directly from seimi to find out of the functions and quality we have and cherish.

Sincerely Yours
seimi baby collection

[there you go; fresh products and fresh information. thanks, Seimi -ed.]

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