September 17, 2005

Mercedes R-Class: All That And A Warm Nut Cup

I just heard a radio commercial for the new Mercedes R-Class: "What it is, is the difference between first class and coach."

Does this mean that you can get one for the price of a C-class and 10,000 frequent flyer miles? Or that they're giving the unsold ones away for free to current Mercedes drivers?

Or does it mean you pay 2x as much as a B-class, and the only difference is a two more cupholders, a so-so lobster dinner, and a pair of pajamas you'd never've bought in the first place?

Previously: the R-class and the only-in-Canada [for now] B-Class

[update: the B-class landed in Canadian dealer showrooms last week. You know what that means: Roadtrip!]

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I just checked one out at a test drive event sponsored for the company I worked for. The trunk is very small. If you could get your premium priced stroller to fit without dropping the 3rd row, nothing else will fit, except maybe a diaper bag.

Since the 2nd row is bucket seats, this car is essentially a four seat hatchback for any family with kids.

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