September 17, 2005

Coming Soon: Princess Of The Stone Age

Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age and Distillers lead singer Brody Dalle are having a kid. Dalle is like months along, and fan photos of her pregnant self showed up on a QOTSA message board a couple of...
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No Brooklyns In Brooklyn: NYC Baby Names 2004

New York City has released a report of the most popular names given to the 124,099 babies born in the city in 2004. There's a top ten names for boys and girls overall, and the city compiled top ten lists...
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Mercedes R-Class: All That And A Warm Nut Cup

I just heard a radio commercial for the new Mercedes R-Class: "What it is, is the difference between first class and coach." Does this mean that you can get one for the price of a C-class and 10,000 frequent flyer...
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I Feel Pretty. Pretty Cranky.

Peter Merholz on the death of user experience: What people not call "user experience" used to be called "design" (by the Eames generation). The term "user experience" was necessary because "design" had become associated almost exclusively with the way something...
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Before Starck, Stark Tradeoffs: The Burberry Maclaren

Maclaren's got a thing for fashion, which makes me a little skeptical about the coming Philippe Starck models. The Kate Spade Mac is only the best known of its style-over-substance collection, where fabric from top-of-the-line designers is wrapped around middle-of-the-road...
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