September 16, 2005

WHAT Maclaren/Philippe Starck Stroller?? Oh, THAT One.

DT reader and kids design guru Jan is in Cologne at the Kind+Jugend fair, the biggest gathering of the children's products industry in the world, and he just emailed that Maclaren has unveiled a collection designed by Philippe Starck, which will be available "somewhere in 2006." In addition to a stroller, Jan reports, "They also a have child's chair, a diaper bag, and a bed. Looks great."

I feel only slightly let off the hook for not knowing about this sooner. After all, it was announced in a small article in the January 2004 issue of Home Accents Today, which I swear, I put in my bag to read at the hospital when the kid was born. Must've fallen out on the way.

While I'm busy blaming the kid, if anyone else at K+J has pictures, send'em on. I'd be much obliged.


WHAT, that tease didn't send pictures??? who is this cruel Jan creature, to share such news and not follow through with images that we can all delight in (or rip, whichever the case may be...)?

Ugh. What's next? Kid's collections by Michael Graves, Todd Oldham, or the guy from "Queer Eye". Why don't these companies look a little harder? This is getting boring.

[dude! you haven't even gotten started yet. If they're going with Starck, it means the companies have caught up to the early 90's, which is still progress.

But I think all four of the people you mention do have products at Target, so who knows. -ed.]

Let's not forget Starck's already done a (really badly designed - and I mean in the function sense of the word) baby line for Target back in...2002? Friends who had a baby due at the time bought it all and it was pretty junky. It did mostly look nice though.

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