September 16, 2005

Supposedly, It Also Cleans Your Kid's Nose

dolphin_nose_auger.jpgThere is nothing I could say about the battery-powered device known as the Dolphin [Oh. Because it looks just like a Dolphin. Of course.] that wouldn't get me in trouble somewhere, so I'm just going to let the Google translation of the website speak for itself:

In their first lebensjahren children suffer nasal clogged frequently on. For babies that is particularly unpleasant, because they cannot to ausschnauben their nose yet and have the Schnaeuzen to only still learn. Thus can be only breathed by the mouth, which impairs the completely normal everyday life. It disturbs the babies when eating, drinking and particularly when falling asleep. With the regular application of the Elektrischen Nasensaugers itwh verschnupften the noses babies, the everyday life and also the night for the whole family will many more calmly run.
The Dolphin Free Nose System is a finalist for the Kind+Jungend 2005 Innovation Award. Too bad they don't have a Versatility Award.

The Dolphin Nasal Auger []


I know it's from Germany but why am I reminded of the Swedish Chef? All that's missing from that translation is "bork bork bork bork" at the end...

Bork bork bork is only used as exclamation, not in declarative form :-P

Seriously, did anyone follow the links to the nominees for the Kind+Jugend awards? Turns out famous racing seat designers Recaro is making children's car seats too! Now that is something to really create an envy factor, not to mention the scorn of journalists from NYT.

With hopes they all have a fine time,

Did'nt the nazis design that thing to remove fillings?

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