September 16, 2005

Nano Nano

The iPod my Baby bodysuits are now available in Nano Black. [thanks, kaz]

Meanwhile, if you want to iPod yourself, go right ahead. As David Pogue said in the NYT, "If you hope to resist buying the newest, shiniest and tiniest iPod to date, lash your credit card to your wallet like Odysseus to the mast."


I broke down and ordered my Nano the other day (with corporate discount, of course).

Still not ready to iPod my baby, though...

I'm gonna stick with my iPod mini.. I need my 6 gigs!

I saw that site and thought it was a neato idea. Rather than be stuck with the "standard" iPod controls, I thought it would be cool to change it up. 3 minutes later, I had some stuff.

Let me know if you want the images for use on Cafe Press. The only down-side I can think of with Cafe Press here is they only offer onesies in white.

[this is great, jason, very funny. someone could also print it out on one of those iron-on transfer sheets and put it on a black American Apparel bodysuit. -ed.]

I put the EPS versions and some converted PNGs at 300dpi (suitable for printing) at:

Happy printing...

[sweet, this is great. -ed.]

I went to the cafepress store - only white onesies available? I want the black and the pink onesie. Can you help me out with getting those?

On the American Apparel site, you can buy onesies in ALL colors!! $14 each plus shipping ($7 for my order)

I bought Pink and Black american apparel onesies and once they arrive, I'm going to print your iron from my home printer and then iron it onto a onesie.

Thanks for this - not sure if it's any easier or cheaper than, but it is cute.

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