September 15, 2005

Introducing DR Newswire: Giving Birth To Marketing Synergy Since 2005

Move over,

I have seen a birth-timed-product promotion so audacious, I will break my own pledge to keep this site Britney-fetus-free.

Britney Spears invited Us Magazine to her c-section [the kid's initials are P.M.S., but whatever, mazeltov.], which takes place just in time for the launch of her new perfume.

You poison this site with Britney Spears for this? you say? Yes, but only because I think there's a silver lining here for dads-to-be. Are you wondering what your role should be during pregnancy? Develop the marketing plan. Don't have a product? GET ONE. In the absence of complications, you'll have plenty of time to develop a concept. Squeamish about the delivery room? Now you can step outside to oversee construction of the media tent. Don't want to cut the cord? Proofread the press release.

And when that press release is done, send it on here. I'm launching a new marketing & public relations subsidiary called DR Newswire as in Delivery Room] designed to help you turn this otherwise unremarkable occasion into marketing gold. After all, someone's gonna be reaping huge profits from the birth of your first child; it might as well be you.

Fantasy Britney Spears
[, via trent]
previously: Congratulations, Seal, Heidi and! [actually, Seal did do their family press release...]

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Ah, finally! I knew my MBA would come in handy one day...

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