September 13, 2005

Gizmodo John: Stroller Manufacturers, Come Out And Play-ay

John is the pregnant half of Gizmodo's editorial team, or the more pregnant half, anyway. And after shelling out the Euros for a sweet Quinny Buzz (It IS available in Canada, too, you know), he rallied all the gangs of the city together at Yankee Stadium and said: is todayís Gizmodo challengeóU.S. stroller makers and distributors: Stop aiming for the mothers. The world needs no more Pooh-themed diaper bags. I realize it is the mothers and attendant in-laws and friends that do most of the shower shopping, but Iím sure that the geeks among us would love a stroller that snaps together like an Antarctic satellite base-station. While I am not proud that I now stare at strollers in the street, weighing them against other potential strollers, I am happy that our unborn son will now be rolling in 18 kg of red hot Euro aluminum.
To which I say, you go brotha, and may all the subway stops you use have elevators for you and your 18kg stroller.

Stroller Shopping, Eurotrash Style [gizmodo]


I hate to say it, but I would be shocked to discover that ANY strollers are actually made here in the US...are there some manufacturers out there that I'm not aware of?

[Yeah, but it's the thought that counts. -ed.]

You know, I think a lot of moms would appreciate cooler, more modern stroller designs too... a lot of the trendy younger moms I see with Bugaboo and McLaren strollers here look pretty proud of their wheels too...

oh man, I'd never make it back to coney island with just my street smarts, my cool leather vest, and my mcclaren volo. Even the "orphans" would crush me if I found my way to their neighborhood of paisley plastic gracos. Let alone what the bugaboos and the stokkes and the rest of you high falutin stroller gangs would do to me.

Crap, I meant Maclaren Volo. I told you I'm not tough enough for the streets. Luckily my kid prefers the bjorn.

How can one get their American paws on one of those cool Quinny Buzzes? I'd give my first-born son for one of those! (Oh wait...)

R.E. getting your hands on a Quinny - please sent them lots of emails. I've been begging them (Dorel, Quinny's parent company) to let me sell there stuff in the US but they're just not interested in our market. Perhaps if they get enough consumer requests they'll reconsider their position.

The reason Dorel is hesitant to bring them to the US is that the 3XL and 4XL sold poorly there.

But hey, you can order them from They gladly ship to the US, and even have a US currency checkout.
The Buzz is $449 CDN and the Zapp is $199 CDN
That works out to $380 for the Buzz and $170 for the Zapp, plus shipping.

I hate to say this, but I'm always paying attention to other strollers too when I'm outside. I also have a Quinney Zapp myself and get lots of stares. In fact, many people ask me where I got this stroller, while I often overhear others complement to their spouses about the stroller.

Someone needs to tell Gizmodo John that mothers don't want that Pooh-themed crap either!

quote: "Someone needs to tell Gizmodo John that mothers don't want that Pooh-themed crap either!"

LOL, no kidding!!! (although I'm willing to confess here that I do drool over that Lulu Guiness Maclaren with the Scottie dog print...)


I heard you shot Cyrus.

[yeahhhh, I hoid that too. -ed.]

I bought a Quinny Buzz this week but when I go to fold it down I hear a loud click noise. Almost feels like something is going to crack. I think it is on the right side(facing the stroller)button that you press. Thought it was my machine so I returned it to Sears and the model on the floor does the same. Does this wear down, get easier, stop?? Anyone know or have had this experience?

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