September 13, 2005

Congratulations, Seal, Heidi, And

Because what could be cuter than a baby Seal? A baby Seal with a supermodel mom, that's what. The Klum-Samuels report that the baby is a boy, born Monday at--did I call it?--Cedars-Sinai. [um, no, I did not. UCLA. but anyway...]

Anyway, kudos also go to, whose press release about overdecorating big sister Leni's bedroom just happened to be born the same day. Imagine that.

Heidi's website: it's a boy! [via cbb]
PoshTots 'Seals' the Deal With More Celeb Clients [prnewswire]

[update: the kid's name is Henry Gunther (with umlaut, of course). Oh, and Leni's room is a princess fantasy.]

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Hey, thanks for the kudos on our timing; we try ;-> Look for a release on the wire today about a new ABC drama that premieres tonight. PoshTots was the source for some of the props for the set.

It was a true pleasure working with Klum's staff. Klum and Seal really did select some of our cutest items. The bed they chose for Leni was voted "most likely to be purchased" by our staff... as in, we can't afford the wholesale price without taking out a personal loan.

We know that our poshest of posh items aren't for everyone, but a girl (or guy) can dream and get some great ideas for decorating our own kids' rooms. And we do offer some great "affordable posh" items from furniture to gifts. You should check them out some time at where you can sort the product selection by price. We've also launched a new site PoshLiving featuring furniture and decor for the entire home - Luxury furnishings for real life. It's true - great designer looks for a good price.

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