September 11, 2005

Oh, Sure, I'll Just Try The Baby Enemas

baby_enema_syringe.jpg baby_enema_nozzle.jpg

" if that doesn't do the trick, try the glycerine suppositories, or else the teeny tiny baby enemas."

That's from a recent reader comment on an earlier post about dealing with a constipated baby. When the kid had trouble sleeping after coming back from Japan, we figured that her sleeping all the way on the plane might've had something to do with it. [sleeping on the plane = not drinking on the plane = not getting enough fluids in your system = irregularity in more ways than just sleep schedules.]

Well, the colon hydrotherapy community believes very strongly in the importance of daily (at least) bowel movements, even for infants, so they get their knickers in a twist when pediatricians say it might be ok for a kid to go a day or two or more without going.

And sure enough, there's a little squeeze ball and a little nozzle, complete with helpful indicators for how far in it should go, available at this CCH's website. I'm sure your kid will appreciate it if you double check with your colon hydrotherapist and your pediatrician before sticking anything in his butt.

Infant Constipation and The Baby Enema
[optimal health]
Infant Enema Bulb Syringe ($6) and Junior Nozzle Tip) ($4.99 [ditto]

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