September 7, 2005

So Tell Me, Which Stroller Are You Thinking Of Buying?

Hm? No reason, just wondering.

And in completely unrelated news: "Through a series of carefully controlled experiments at a campus bookstore, researchers learned that consumers will, in every case studied, spend more money to buy a brand name item when someone they don't know is standing near them at the time they choose their purchase. Consumers also tend to spend more money when a group of people is standing near them but are more inclined to buy cheaper items when no one is near." [via robotwisdom]


Mountain Buggy Urban Single (already bought it, 2004 model on clearance, $279).

Why? We don't live in the city (we don't have to deal with stairs, taxis, or subways). We are in the suburbs. Our street doesn't have sidewalks, so we will be dealing with rougher terrain. The front wheel can swivel for maneuverability; or lock for a "jogging" stroller setup, which is good for the dirt trails we walk along. The Urban is super light, simple and tough. We got the "carrycot" bassinet attachment that we will probably use for the first few months. Even when fully reclined, the regular seat just doesn't seem right for a tiny newborn. Just from the looks of it, I would say it's best for a 6 monther or older.

We also have a hand-me-down Baby Trend Snap-n-Go stroller thing for the car seat. It's super ugly and clunky. So, we have two strollers to deal with.

And in completely unrelated news, I *would* like a Bugaboo Gecko or used Frog. If the Gecko was $499, I would get one. And hang on to the Mountain Buggy for rougher riding/jogging and later on (2-3 years old). The function of the thing really seems to be nearly perfect. With the Bugaboo, the convenience and quick ease of snapping between bassinet/regular seat and car seat attachment is really appealling. Also, having the regular seat fully reclined and facing backwards (towards Dad) seems perfect for a newborn. Friends have it set up this way and it seems to work the way a stroller is *supposed* to work.

But, I don't know if this is really the case though. Take this for example: With a Bugaboo, would it be reasonable to drive to the mall/Target/Grandma's/Pediatrician with regular seat or bassinet installed in the Bugaboo. Then, once you arrive, decide to pop it out and snap in the car seat. Is that reasonable? Or does it just take longer to deal with the switch.

Of course, I don't even have a kid yet (three weeks to go). So, I'm a hopeless (clueless?) idealist.

[wow, great answer, although I just meant the orig. question sarcastically, as in "will you be buying that more expensive stroller now that you know a weblogful of strangers is watching?"

But to your scenario: Actually, we did the opposite with the Bugaboo, using the bassinet for walking trips and around the house (the kid slept in it fulltime), and then if there was any car, plane, or train involved, we'd use the carseat/bugaboo combo by itself, no bassinet. -ed.]

We bought the Peg Perego Aria with the compatible car seat... and yeah, there were a lot of people we didn't know around, so that's probably why we picked it over the less expensive Graco flotsam (no offense, Graco owners; if I lived in the 'burbs I would have considered one) around it... :)

Actually, it was the super-light weight, suitcase-like folded size, and sturdy yet flexible construction that won us over. We don't regret the purchase at all, and the thing has been a champ in very urban downtown Vancouver... not great on the beach sand, of course, with the tiny wheels, but it's so light you can actually carry it in one hand while holding the baby in the other.

We got a Baby Jogger II-20 via Craigslist, but we're looking for a double one at some point in the coming months ... any suggestions?

Sarcasm? You? ---- This weblogful of strangers, you DaddyTypes reading and writing here, you are all good listeners. Thanks.

Tell me something is designed, made, or otherwise connected to The Netherlands; I'll be a sucker every time.

Your Bugaboo scenario seems practical. When it comes down to it, how long does it take, or how complicated or annoying is it, to switch from bassinet to car seat mode? Also, how long did the kid use the bassinet, before you switched over to the regular seat setup?

I am buying my friend a stroller as a gift - she's chosen the PegPerego Venezia as it's one of a few strollers where the baby can face her (without using a car seat) and lay flat. It also looks quite good when it's all booted up. And costs less than a 2 week trip to Greece (unlike the frogs and xplorys...)

Maclaren is the best!
We have been pushing it for six years already (got the second one a year ago for our third) everywhere, all over the world airplane, train, subway, bus, boat, car you name it. We loved it.

We have a QUINNY Buzz and are very happy with it. It is a breeze to change from Baby Bed to Seat, and you can just as easily snap on the MaxiCosi. Folding and unfolding is also very easy.

The only downside is that it doesn't come with a nice basket at the bottom, on which you can put shopping bags.

There wasn't anyone around when we bought it, so I wonder if we would have shelled out those 1000$ for those swedish Emmaljunga ones.



Baby Trends Sit-N-Stand Stroller. It rocks for 2 kids. Lite, easy to use, easy to drive in malls stores etc. We LOVE it!

[I saw this on our first walk after the kid got home; this super-young couple had it at the zoo, minus most of the padding. It looked awesome, but I completely confused them by stopping them and asking about it. I like to think my technique is better now. -ed.]

Maclaren Triumph for the car stroller (using in stores, airports and around downtown) and a Joggeroo for the beach, long walks, or any place with no traffic. Both were researched and selected in advance and unless the strangers were offering huge savings on a different brand we were slightly inclined toward, we wouldn't have cared.

Proud owner of a cameleon with a graco snugride and attachment, and to answer the switching between different modes question, it is very simple to switch from the infant car seat mode to either the bassinet or stroller seat. The bassinet and stroller seat use the same frame so switching between them is a project and most people only do that once. The only catch is the you would need good storage in your car to make a switch on the go. So far no complaints at all, though do be aware that the cameleon seems to be wider then most single stollers.

Phil and Ted's E3 stroller is most excellent... light weight, opens/closes easily, pivoting front wheel, decent price, etc. Converts from flat newborn to reclined toddler seat. Has a conversion option for twins.

Another 2004 Mountain Buggy Urban Single on clearance for $240. Considering that price and the flexibility of function of this stroller, I can't imagine a better buy. I'm not sure if there are any more around. Here in Southern California, it should be able to handle dowtown, beaches, cliff & canyon trails - even snow and ice found in the local mountains after an hour's drive in the winter. The regular price of the MB, including carrycot and car seat attachment, does indeed approach the price heights of the Bugaboo. Sale price is pretty sweet, though.

Planned to get a Maclaren but decided it was worth $50 to try the BabyTrend EuroTrend Sport. Turned out to be a great purchase and I'm very happy with it. The handles are height-adjustable. Big whoop. For $50, I can live without that feature.

We have the Inglesina Zippy 2005 1/2 (yes, as if it were a car model). It has slightly bigger wheels than the 2005 and comes with a cup holder and rain cover.
The best feature is the "upright fold". After locking the wheels, I just push a button and pull UP on a handle, and the stroller stands up. No bending down to fold the stroller and pick it up. Great for anyone with a bad back or who's a slightly older parent (or both).

After seeing this one feature, I was sold. The rest of the features are pretty good, too. My wife preferred the snap n' go frame, because it's slightly lighter, but I'll take a standing fold anyday. Oh, yeah, we live in brownstone country (Brooklyn), so we need to be able to carry the baby and stroller up 2 flights.

My wife's looking for a jogging stroller now. Does anyone know of any lightweight ones that are any good?

Where are you folks finding the Mountain Buggys (ies?) on clearance? We are wanting one but we are sooooo broke right now...

Correction: The handles are NOT height adjustable on the babytrend. Blame my sleep-deprived brain....

As for the MB - we picked up ours at The Right Start. I know of stores in San Diego (Poway) and the East Bay (Walnut Creek) - perhaps it is a West Coast chain? If you can find one, it is a really great buy ($239.99).

We bought two strollers. Dreamer Design Jogging Stroller and a Maclaren Techno XT. Love them both, they are all the strollers we need; from infant to toddler. Didn't want a Car Seat Stroller because I heard you get either a great car seat, or a great stroller but rarely both.

Kid doesn't seem to mind switching.

We got a great car seat AND a great stroller...i.e. the Maxi Cosi Cabrio with the Quinny Zapp and the Cameleon. The Cabrio looks great with both strollers!

we have a 10-month-old and a 3-year-old. we could not love the phil & ted e3 buggy more if we tried. great for (our version of) city life--supermaneuverable, fits thru bodega aisles, can be carried down subway steps easily, folds in a snap, love the variable seating configurations, makes me feel tres macgyver. also, we learned, great customer service if something goes wrong--overzealous baggage handling loosened a wheel, and the distributor went beyond the beyond in getting me a new wheel fast.

'Buying' a Frog (if my wish of getting one at our shower doesn't go through) before they sell out. I'm unimpressed with the Gecko and find the fleece in the Cameleon turns me off.

For our twins, we went with the Double Decker, which althoguh not available in stores, is still the buzz in the twin circuit. It only works for snapping car seats into and isn't tall enough for me, as I'm learning now that I'm the one staying home and pushing the kids around the pond. But all in all, a much better and cooler looking alternative that the Snap n' Go double.

We're probably going to get the MB urban double -- for pothole and snow capable joggers, this is one of the few that still fits through a normal doorway. I feel I still need to test drive that claim before I actually get it, but yeah, I'd love to find that on clearance. And I agree with Andy on all the reasons to get one of these.

Interesting study (shoves the Peg Perego Venezia with boutique fabric stroller and matching car seat into closet quickley). Ya don't say huh?

Actually I think they "got" me with the bassinet feature and the black fabric. Maybe I thought the black would make my hips look smaller. I must confess I do get compliments on it all the time. (The stroller, not my hips), And I am stroller obsessed since reading daddy types regularly.

We have the Safety First Acella LX and we LOVE IT! It's lightweight, the fabric is great (easy to clean, comfortable, nice colors), and it's a good looking stroller (nice lines, etc...)

It's easy to maneuver, works well on most all terrains, the sunshade is better than most I've seen and the price was awesome ($49.99) and I just honestly wouldn't dream of spending more than 100 dollars on a stroller for the amount we use it (just in the neighborhood for walks and going to the mall).
And the best part... it takes the Graco Snugride so we used it as a travel system as well.

So I give mine a big Two thumbs up :O)

Okay, so we looked at the Bugaboo and decided there's a few reasons we won't replace our main stroller with one... for this child, at least.

BUT, while at Babystyle, the free umbrella stroller was acting up, so we might be in the market for a lightweight, somewhat compact stroller...

I find the Maclaren and Peg Perego strollers intriguing... anyone care to comment? I'd like one that is (a) light (for my wife), (b) takes up as little space as possible in the trunk, (c) is easy to fold up (since we have no place to keep a fully extended stroller).. uhm.. tray is not a necessity (seems the Peg's have removable trays??).

Cost is not a huge concern, but I'd like to see one in person before buying (so, I guess a buzz or zapp might be out of the question)

Just my opinion, but I think the pegs are nicer than the mclaurens. I have the venezia (huge and heavy) for general, and a chico savvy for travel. I think if I had to do it all over again, I'd spring for the peg aria or plinko. Of course, I live in the burbs and have the minivan - so i gave both with me. Chicco's has a good recline and carries the ipod and speakers.

[hm. this city dweller was thinking just the opposite, that finding the Mac with the enough combination of reclining/padding would be best. -ed.]

actually, with the parents living so close to Canada, I guess the buzz and zapp might not be totally out of the question, if they are worth it...

LOL I think you and I live opposite lives as well as having divergent stroller tastes! Here in the mid-Atlantic, people do make fun of "the bugaboo" people, who are never, ever from here. The other arena of baby gear envy is the diaper bags. I'm on my 5th one and still can't commit to only one.

finally, someone who can benefit from all the stroller research I did!

Kaz, if money's truly no object, Phil& Ted's E3 would be *my* pick, it's such a cool stroller, especially when you trick it out with the doubles kit. If you're planning to have another kid soon, the E3 would enable you to take them both with you (read above for some DT's who love theirs). It has a very compact fold and weighs 21lbs.

Next pick would be the Peg Pliko because of its umbrella fold (stands when folded too), its toddler step (gotta plan for the future), and its 16lb weight. My close third is the Maclaren Quest, it's very light and compact and can carry a child up to 55lbs. I can't remember if Greg's said anything about the Mac Techno, that's a plushier stroller than the Quest and has adjustable handles, I think the seat may be slightly wider too, if any of that makes a difference for you.

We needed a lightweight, compact stroller to toss in DH's small car trunk, one he could push without kicking (he's 6'5"). After all my research, I was pretty sold on the Quest and then DH fell for a Chicco C5 when we were at Babies R Us. We're all about getting a good deal/saving money -- no matter how many strangers are around -- and the C5 is a pretty reasonably-priced knockoff of a couple of Mac models. So far we're really happy with it and so is Mr. Boy.

Have fun stroller shopping!

micaela - Thanks for the great opinions! The one issue I would have with the Phil and Ted's is it doesn't satisfy my need for hands-on before purchase :( at least, not as far as I could tell...

Spider Duo NV from Stroll-Air works perfect for us, as we have a 14 month old and a newborn. We use one basinet and one seat. I've recommended it to so many friends and one now uses it for her twins and she says it makes her want to go out with kids. It also comes with tons of accessories that are included with price. Their web is

kaz- i think the zapp or maclaren techno xt sounds like they would best meet your requirements.

i'm very petite, and therefore am looking for something also 1) lightweight 2)compact fold. but, i also want something that is good for newborns (reclines to flat) and that has great maneuverability, preferebly front swivel wheels.

i'm living in the uk currently, but just spent my summer in LA. hence, i've tested all the strollers! my research concludes that the

1. Zapp is great, light, but doesn't lie flat, although you can use the maxi cosi infant carrier car seat. i like that its lightweight (about 10 lbs) but the main seat doesn't have any reclining ability.

2. maclaren techno xt reclines to flat, nice swivel wheels, lightweight, but it doesn't make any travel system.

3. if your wife is small i'd stay away from the pegs, phil & ted's, the Quinny Buzz & Speedi, and the Bugaboo. They are all really cumbersome and heavy. I'm 5ft tall, and it just simply is not practical for me to have a 20+ lb stroller-- plus the added baby weight (what to do when the baby is 3 years old!)

4. i'm going with one called the micralite, sold in the UK. I love it. It weighs about 12 lbs, has great wheels similar to the Bugaboo with the rear pneumatics, has two seat positions for reclining and you can purchase a bassinet option, which i want so my newborn can lie flat.

good luck! i hope some of this helps.

Buying a Frog. Does anyone else not like the fleece on the Cameleon? What were they thinking??? ugh!

Have the Bugaboo and the Venezia. Chose the Peg originially because I thought the price tag on the Bugaboo was nuts! 3 months later, bought the Bug. We live in the city so the wheels on the Venezia are a bit of the struggle.

Worth the money for the Bug. Love it. Absolutely love it. Not a fan of the Chameleon--the adjustable handlebar seems nice but that's about it.

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