September 7, 2005

Round-up From The Daddy Blogs

abughraibbaby.jpgWhile it could be worse, I've got a work deadline that's killing me, so posting's going to be a little light today. In the mean time, here are some useful things I found while catching up on some daddy blog reading the last couple of weeks:

  • Patatamonkey reviews some pregnancy books, including one that's indispensable and one that totally sucks.
  • Also from patatamonkey, the trip to buy a dreaded glider: "...while we were trying out the chair, this guy who was shopping for baby stuff with his preggo wife told us, in a very secretive manner: "pssst...check out la-z-boys...they're more confortable and cheaper!". To which my ears popped up like antennas...veeery inteeereeestiiinnng..." Indeed. I mocked Jeff Bennett last year for his La-Z-Boy purchase, but I will clearly have to revisit this topic.
  • Simple Dad got ambushed by a baby shower disguised as a poolside BBQ. You have been warned.
  • Erics III and IV [aka Odin] lament the end of skateboard season, and wonder about wearing Baby Vans after Labor Day. [related: Little Ruler has sick baby skate gear.]
  • Moderndaydad did some baby scouting on a recent trip to LA; these cool "Stop Copying Me!" snapsuits for twins from Wrybaby aren't even the coolest things he found.
  • At Thingamababy, AJ finds some Iraq War-related toys, including a customized Daddy's Deployed Doll and my favorite [sic], an Abu Ghraiby Baby hooded teddy bear [warning: the site has audio. Actually, so does the bear, which says a GWB quote about evildoers when you squeeze it real, real hard.], which is frickin' awesome (in its own way).

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    wow! i missed that link to "little ruler" the first time around. a descendants onesie! jeeez louise does that site bring back memories.

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