September 6, 2005

Designers' Fantasy Baby Products Create Parenting Nirvana

baby_shaking_monitor.jpgA designer's gotta dream, right? I guess these designer-driven concept studies of baby-related electronic gear are preferable to the status quo, where vast swaths of the cutting edge design world act as if children don't exist.

The first, a baby shaking monitor, would first tell a caregiver to calm down, the crying's normal; then when that doesn't work, it would alert someone with more patience that the baby's being shaken like a bottle of salad dressing. No mention of whether it sends an SMS when the cranky nanny takes it off before shaking.

emma_ultrasound_phone.jpgThe second is Emma, an easy-to-use smartphone/ultrasound/fetal monitor, which allows a pregnant woman to capture and share images, video, and data--via her blog--with family, friends, and her doctor. Oh, and with the entire frickin' world. Combining it with a mobile phone will make it easy to call doctors in a panic when there's a false alarm. And GE will presumably embrace a $500 replacement of their $250,000 ultrasound equipment out of the goodness of their hearts.

Shaking Baby Monitor [ohgizmo via gizmodo]
Emma, Smartphone/fetal monitor [slashphone and Umea Inst. of Design]

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