September 6, 2005

Buy Seventh Generation, Get $40 Amazon Dollars

How's that for timing? Amazon is running a promotion for Seventh Generation diapers, wipes, etc., where you receive a $40 gift certificate for Amazon when you buy $99+ worth of Seventh Generation products at Amazon. Amazon Amazon Amazon. Read the fine print, because you have to use the $40 on a single order within 30 days; Amazon retailers like Babies R Us aren't included; you have to place a single $99+ order by the end of September, etc.

But if you were ever thinking about trying out Seventh Generation's recycled, clorine-free, cleanly designed, cartoon character-free diapers, wipes, and other eco-friendly household products, now's a good time.

That said, 99 bucks'll buy you a serious amount of product. You could replace every household product you own with 7G and still not make it to $99. Fortunately, although the $40 only goes to one household, you can ship to multiple addresses. In case you don't need 40 bottles of hypo-allergenic hand soap yourself, you can rally the playgroup to your e-commercial cause.

Order up some Seventh Generation goods right now at Amazon.


You have to read the fine print as the product producers are always looking to stick it to us. Just like when purchase Lays 2-for-1 priced chips. Looked great at two for $2.99 when it was 16 oz. now the packages weight 11 3/4 oz. and are the same price. Not the same value!

[If I ordered chips online, I'd worry they'd get all broken in the mail. -ed.]

woo hoo! I'm totally going for it. I tried 7th generation and they're not bad.

Even with all the restrictions it does seem like a pretty good deal. I didn't find it hard to make my shopping cart total $99 at all. I usually lug the seventh generation laundry detergent home from the store, and now Amazon wants to deliver it to my doorstep? Sounds good to me.

No brainer. Thanks for the tip.

speaking of 7th Gen. diapers - I was just at target and noticed that they had newly designed diapers by 7th gen. I bought some to test drive them - they are much trimmer - as trim as pampers, less wide in crotch, and have stretchier tabs.

I'm thinking I can completely switch over now....

[what's the difference? Can you tell from the packaging? We're trying some out right now that aren't very bulky at all, but the gel/padding turns all hard and annoying when it gets wet. -ed.]

This is so old news, I know, but I was just wondering what ever happened to my gift certificate because I placed an order through Amazon and they never sent one. Reading the fine print AGAIN just now, I realized that while I did buy $99 worth of seventh generation products, I had them shipped to two addresses. Amazon considered it as two orders, thus no gift certificate for me!

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