September 5, 2005

Evacuation Babies

bloomin_onion.jpgIt's too early to know if there'll be a baby boom from thousands of "we may never make it out of here, baby" hookups on rooftops in Louisiana. But reports of babies born along the evacuation routes of Hurricane Katrina are trickling, if not flooding, in.

  • Baby Girl Born During Hurricane Evacuation, Wal-Mart Donates Baby Clothes is the headline of a news report, not a press release. Wilbert Joseph was leading an 8-car caravan across Alabama when his baby momma went into labor. They'd fled Louisiana with nothing, so Wal-Mart dropped its everyday low prices to zero in exchange for a bit of publicity.
  • Couple Flees Katrina, Has Baby Boy In Indy is the story of the New Orleans Bells, a couple who scrolled through flight destinations until they found some available seats in "I," and ended up in Indianapolis. It helped that Gary Bell had been there on business:
    "Indy was direct, shorter flight and we knew where the Outback Steakhouse was. We know what to do here when we land," Gary said.

    So they had a Bloomin' onion, "Next we had a bloomin' mess on our hands and her water broke," he explained.

    If only FEMA had been doing their jobs, we'd be reading tens of thousands of beautiful Bloomin' Onion stories like this right now.


    My friend is volunteering at the Alamodome in San Antonio; she told me they're trying to help one woman who had an emergency C-section a few weeks ago; she ended up at the Superdome but doesn't know where her baby was taken, or if it's ok. I imagine we'll be hearing more of those stories too.

    saw a few of the reports, too; they were loading preemies up 4/incubator and just flying them out of town. Here's one from that mentions 121 evacuated babies; another from Ft Worth. -ed.]

    "had a bloomin' mess on our hands..."

    Boy, my baby's momma would kill me if I had said that in public. Can you imagine the lovely stories you'd have to drag out at prom/graduation/wedding dinner?

    On a more serious note, I just heard on NPR this morning that there's no complete record of where every injured patient was airlifted to. It's going to be a scary time for the next few months. We can only hope that families make it safely back together.

    On a good note, the babies that were flown here to the hospitals in DFW are getting excellent care. Dallas and Fort Worth have some of the best childrens' hospitals in the country. :)

    Hopefully, all the parents will be located and reunited with their babies soon.

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