September 3, 2005

The Toddling Wounded

wiggles_bandages.jpgThe kid already calls every monkey "Bobo," so we've been fighting the use of "boo-boo" and "owie" and other kidspeak. But now that she officially scrapes her knees and gets slideburns across her face, we needed something. So just now we tried "wound," and I have to say, I highly recommend it. She loves saying it, it's unexpected, and it's an actual adult word, which is always funny to hear coming out of a baby's mouth.

On a darker note, the latest scrape was getting redder, so I put some Neosporin and a Band-aid on it last night before putting her to bed. Big mistake. She totally freaked out over the Band-Aid, launching into a terrified jag of crying that haunted her sleep for a couple of hours. It was an even scarier than the sound of packing tape [which is weird, too, because I thought she'd love getting taped up into a box and stuff...go figure.]

Meanwhile, most character bandages scare me; all the usual mass media suspects--Spiderman, Barbie, Dora, Elmo, Spongebob, &c.--are off limits, and I'm not finding a lot out there I want to live with. There's a "resealable Boo-Boo Box!" from The Wiggles, which doesn't help our kidspeak efforts one bit. Otherwise, all I see (on Amazon, anyway) are some Stars&Stripes [Band-Aid and generic], some latex-free strips in pink or blue [as if], or a 6-pack of Nexcare/3M solid color strips [or a whole case of neon, which is a buttload of bandages.]

Otherwise, at, they have gay pride bandages [even if they don't think they do], Veggie Tales bandages, and Bandshades in a variety of non-white skintones, which I admit, I'd never thought of, but which makes all the sense in the world.


since I'm relatively new to DT, I don't know if you ever mused about this... what about using signs? I know this post is about teaching her *spoken* words, but I was wondering. We're teaching Mr. Boy ASL signs along with speaking to him in English (hubby and everyone else) and Spanish (me). He'll be a late talker (like I was) but has been using some signs and obviously understands a lot of signs and words already. Since research shows that learning more than one language from birth is good for neural development, and ASL counts as a second language, I was curious what your personal take is on this.

As far as bandages go, I love the Tattoo design ones, there's the hippie ones (with the peace sign, smiley face and tie-dye swirl), the "creepy" ones, and the sports ones. I love those! And I have a fondness for the Veggie Tales ones as well but hubby refuses to wear them. Of course, I buy them at Target...

I'm guilty of occasionally using the super hero themed bandages, but I can't resist since they match my sons toothbrushes and underwear so well. That way, after a long night of playing super hero themed xbox games, they know that as they fall gently to sleep that they have a little hero with them. They'll often gaze at the band-aid as I remove their capes (choking hazard when sleeping, right), and as I read to them whichever Captain Underpants book is their favorite for that week.

Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way...

[Or maybe I am. Sounds good. -ed.]

right now we enjoy the devil duckie adhesive bandages (available at dinosaur hill on east 9th street in nyc or online at archie mcphee, among other places). we had some supercute black and white bad badtz maru bandages, but now they only seem to make them in blues and greens and i find them hideous. and i saw a kid at tompkins with these nifty skull-n-crossbones pirate numbers:

ohmigod, bacon band-aids! monkeys in fezzes! why the hell did i buy those *&^(ing ducks.

the lips will probably scare her worse than the packing tape, tho.

So, why no mass media bandaids? and no kidspeak either? no Dora bandaids for the boo-boo?

dude, if you can spring an extra $500 for a high-end stroller, at least give the kid a break and get some character bandaids!*

* not immediately. wait till they're old enough to request it. then 'give in'. you'll make thanks-dad karma, as well as extra bonus holding-out-on-mass-media-crap karma.

Try these for weird bandages!

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