August 31, 2005

Brit Dad Stays Home A Week, Survives To Write About It

Columnist Damian Whitworth turns in a level-headed report of what would otherwise be the premise of an eye-rolling reality tv show: he stayed home for a week with his 2-year-old son.

Some things that jump out: So 'new dads' are an annoying media-fabricated demographic in the UK, like Soccer Moms and metrosexuals? He complains how one day, it took two hours to get out the door; this is adult thinking, and it leads to frustration. Keeping an activity-craving baby occupied for two hours is an accomplishment in itself. Also, the biggest problems sound like housekeeping, not childcaring. [fulltimefather launched a debate on that a couple of weeks ago. cf. rebeldad, half-changed world.]

My favorite part, though, is when he lapses into sports metaphor, apparently using a madlib book ["Parenting is a lot like (locally popular but incomprehensible sport)..."] floating around the Times offices:

Which brings us to the second home truth: when that backstop is not there it is a hell of a job trying to stay on top of the game as your infant hits you all over the park. My five days in charge of my son felt a little like bowling to Freddie Flintoff for an entire Test match while also trying to cover the ten other fielding positions.
Which reminds me, Jerry Seinfeld's wife just had their third baby, so congratulations to them. Shepherd. Veddy British.

Just the two of us: a week's 'holiday' that nearly killed me
[, via dt reader amanda]

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