August 29, 2005

New Skool Graf-related Baby Clothes

newskool_headphones.gifYou can kick it old skool activist with some Zapata bodysuits, or you can kick it new skool, with, um, New Skool baby clothes, designed by a Bay Area graffiti artist for your "extra hip kid." [those plain, old "hip kids" apparently being a dime a dozen these days.]

Anyway, the bodysuits and t-shirts and hoodies have various graf-related, clip art-y graphics, like a red wagonful of spray paint cans, or a penguin in front of a "chillin'" tag, or my favorite, the line drawing of a pair of DJ-style headphones resting on the shirt's collar.

Bodysuits are $24 online via paypal, or they're available in person at precious few retail outlets on the coasts. Sorry, flyovers! []


Oo oo oo, I've got to get some of those. Baby-stuff is always sucky. Newborns are colour-blind for ****-sakes, so what's with the pastels, pinks and blues?

Thanks for all the support! come check us out on Facebook and also on our website!We have some new holiday sale prices and products!

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