August 26, 2005

Latest Installment of The Peanut Chronicles at TMN

I missed linking to a couple of artist/writer Danny Gregory's bi-weekly accounts of waiting for their first kid, The Peanut, to be born. They're all archived here, so read back and get caught up with me, why don't you?

In the mean time, in the latest installment, Gregory and his wife Patti get separated by work travel in the seventh month of the pregnancy. It's touching, funny, inevitably icky-sweet [nothing gets the emotions going like impending parenthood], and full of gear and clothes references. I want to quote the whole thing, so just go read it yourself. Here's one excerpt, though, explaining the souvenir baby outfits from his business trip to Japan:

In America, it seems people have totally stopped wearing clothes without words on them: cute sayings, band names, Coke logos, souvenirsÍitÝs just endless, and I am fighting back, one infant at a time.

However, I relax my standards when it comes to cool, cute Japanese gobbledy gook. ItÝs so cute.

I Abandon The Mother of My Child (April) [tmn]

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