August 26, 2005

Center Fielders Of The World, Unite!

Nice to see I'm not alone in playa-hating at Snoop Dogg's style of coaching his son's little league football team. I mean not only did he buy the kid a starting quarterback spot, he bought the whole league (AND sent a decades-old South LA community institution into a tailspin AND named it after himself to boot.)

No, Josh Levin's with me, too. He writes on Slate about the annoyance of The Coach's Son, a phenomenon which ruined little league for the rest of us, and which sometimes runs all the way through college into the pros, usually with unenviable results.

Related: In 2003, Ann Hulbert wrote about the Positive Coaching Association, a youth sports movement that promotes character-building, not dad-on-dad brawling in the stands.

The Coach's Son
and The Rules of the Game [slate]

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Greg, I you are referring to the Positive Coaching Alliance ( It's out of Stanford University. When I was the director of a Youth Center in the bay area, my organization was one of the charter members. Phil Jackson is very involved with this.

Their slogan, "honor the game" still resonates with me. Too many parents get caught up in their kids sporting lives. I have an MA is Sport Psychology and my thesis was on the role of parents who pressure their children in sports. Results: Kids will drop out of sports rather than deal with their parents. One of the reasons why individual sports that parents don't understand like X-Treme sports has caught on like it has.

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