August 24, 2005

Q. What Could Be Stupider Than Meet Mr. Mom?

Remember, there are 873 people lined up to be the king/queen of this country:Bring Your Husband to Heel
Mon 22 Aug, 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm 30mins
Brand new series where top dog trainer Annie Clayton helps the desperate housewives of Britain to train their husbands for the better, using dog training techniques.BBC Two programme listings [, via rebeldad]


what's worse is that i think for years now i've been subconsciously using the same tactics on my husband as i do with our dog with surprising results... didn't quite realize it until i saw a preview of this show as well.

My wife still hits me with a rolled-up newspaper if I go to the bathroom inside.

I do love when she scritches my belly, though...

[That's all TMI, my friend, as well as being an episode of Sex and The City... -ed.]

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