August 23, 2005

Aeon Flux Drives A Stokke Xplory

For a new dad, there's a threshhold, a tipping point, a point of no return, the point at which you realize not just your life, but your whole outlook on the world has changed irrevocably.

Not sure if you've crossed that line yourself? Take this simple test:


Watch the new trailer for the Aeon Flux movie, then use the scientifically calibrated scale below to rate your response to the stroller shot:

1 - Cool, but the animated Aeon Flux is hotter than the Charlize Theron one. Wait, didn't you say something about a stroller?
2 - You mean the stroller visible in that 1-second crowd shot about 10 seconds in? What about it?
3 - Look, a stroller!
4 - You know, that looks kinda like that one stroller, the uh, the trippy one.
5 - No way, a modded Stokke Xplory!
6 - Does this mean I have to wait 400 years for the carrycot/Baby Bag to go on sale here in the States?
7 - I've gotta send this in to Daddy Types.
8 - I've gotta blog about this.

If you had any reaction greater than a 1 or 2, welcome to the other side, my friend.

See the Aeon Flux trailer at [via DT reader Michael, who obviously rated a 7]
Previously: Stokke Xplory Baby Bag - not just for 6-month-olds anymore


Thankfully, I haven't completely reached the tipping point yet. I saw the trailer and could only think about how cool Charlize Theron looked. Then, I wondered whether there will be reliable child care in the future. How much time do I have left before I lose it all completely?

[I have to agree; they managed to recreate the animated locks of hair. And since that was Aeon Flux's nanny pushing the stroller--and she wasn't yapping away on her cell phone--it may be ok. -ed.]

I'm still not sold on the Stokke, but that carrycot is sweet.

Did I just describe a carrycot as "sweet"? God help me.

[hah. that's off the scale. -ed.]

we went to a baby boutique on Saturday and hubby saw his first Bug and Stokke strollers, I actually managed to get him to touch them! He liked the look & suspension of the Bug but said the Stokke looked like a confused high chair...

[not that there's anything wrong with that... -ed.]

Good god Charlize is hot.

[ok, that's off the scale the other way. I still have her creepy mug from Monster burned into my brain. -ed.]

haha! Hubby corrected me: I showed him the picture of the Xplory in Us magazine and told him that they're saying Jeniffer Garner registered for one and he said, "is that the one that looks like a golf bag trolley???"

It seems I was the one who thought it looks like a confused high chair...

fear not, you can make it out the other side. I've got a preschooler and a kinder, and I started loosing track of strollers after the bugaboo.

of course that means over the last five years I havent seen any movies. So who is Charlie Theron again?

I thought, "Wow, a tricked out Stokke", the equivalent of the 2006 CLS55 AMG Mercedes...My wife said no to that too...

[yeah, can't imagine shoehorning a car seat into the back of a CLS. And if you DID get it in, having a carsick kid hurl coming out of a hairpin turn would be a huge hassle. -ed.]

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