August 22, 2005

Anyone Recognize This Plexi Crib?

A DT reader emails in with this query:

"I saw online months ago a crib that has a plexiglass front, converts to a toddler bed and is kind of tree fort-esque. It's in the $2K range. It seemed like a very cool design but for the life of me I can't re-google it appropriately. Any chance you know what I'm talking about?"

No, actually, I don't, but it sounds cool. Anybody else?

Previously: Plexiglass cribs we know it's NOT

[Update: That was fast. It's called the Ludolit, it's a clapboard house-shaped bed, and there's nary a sheet of plexiglass in sight. Personally, I'll wait for the Mies version to come out. I imagine it'll look a little like this, artist Rirkrit Tiravanija's child-size pavilion from MoMA, circa 1997. A guy can dream, can't he?]


There is plexiglass - it's under the side rail - you can see the reflection.

Also: how weird.

The crib configuration is Plexi on three sides and in person-much cooler than any of the pics.

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