August 21, 2005

Will Some Euros Please Explain The 'Leave The Baby' Thing?

On the Bugaboo snackholder post, a couple of (American) folks have told of their shock when their European friends (and in one case, their Dutch pediatrician) talked of leaving an infant at home while they ventured out for coffee...
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Thanks to Cameleon, Bugaboo Must Now Match Belt, Shoes

"...since the salesman also informed me and my husband that one customer bought the fleece in every color." - via DT reader Dianne, who saw the new Bugaboos at Manhattan's Buy Buy Baby Money and bad taste: they go together...
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The Other The Airplane Book

This isn't part of the contest [seriously, how lame would that be to magically pull my name out of the hat and give myself a prize?], just a coincidence too good to pass up. Like Byron Barton's Airplanes, Art Seiden's...
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