August 19, 2005

Book Review Contest: Cat and Fish


Title: Cat and Fish
Author/Illustrator: Joan Grant/ Neil Curtis
Reviewer: James (Dutch)

James found Cat and Fish on a trip to SFMOMA with his daughter, Junebug [I'm guessing it's a nickname, but they do live in San Francisco, so who knows?]. The book is Australian, published in the US by Simply Read Books, "a nice little publishing house with many other quality illustrated books worth checking out."

For the full review, close Excel or whatever, pop a drink, and head on over to Sweet Juniper. In the mean time, here's an excerpt:

The great
thing about Cat and Fish is that the illustrations are
all done in the style of stark, contrasting black and
white Beckmann-esque German expressionist woodcuts.
Why aren't more kids books illustrated like this? It's
the only book I've read to Junebug where the
illustrations--and not the taste of the cardboard
cover--manage to hold her attention for the entire
Check out Cat and Fish at Amazon.

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