August 18, 2005

Glamajama Rhinestone Baby Clothes: Your BeDazzling Days Are Over

glamajama_cowboy.jpgFinally, someone's thinking of the dads. No more sleepless nights and blistered thumbs. No more combing the Internet for new designs, or driving all over town looking for replacement studs. No more pangs of guilt [I mean, come on. Doesn't he understand you're doing all this for him?] for ignoring your crying, hungry kid while you toil over your BeDazzler to finish just one. more. Onesie.

Well the days of having to put rhinestones and studs on your kid's clothes yourself are over, my friend. Now, thanks to the fine folks at Glamajama, you can buy clothes with the rhinestones already on them, and in cute designs and sayings that would've taken you weeks to come up with yourself.

Now, I know what you're gonna say: you want all your babies to match--to look like a family. Well, Glamajama's thought of that, too; which is why they also make rhinestone clothes for pets.

Glamajama,'s Baby Glam and Doggy Glam [via]
Somehow The BeDazzler=Good, but The Ronco Rhinestone & Stud Setter=Bad?

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Ahh, the BeDazzler. Sometimes, there can be too much of a good thing. Witness...

By the way, welcome back!

[torn from today's headlines (sic), no less. thanks, btw. -ed.]

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