August 18, 2005

Audi Q7: An SUV I'll Post About


With some rare exceptions, I'm not a fan of the SUV's. They don't need any publicity from me, and I'm only too happy to oblige by ignoring them. And there are plenty of plenty cool wagons and urban transport-type vehicles that accomplish nearly all the tasks a new dad needs done, with much less annoyance, and much better gas mileage.

One of those exceptions may be the Audi Q7, an SUV from the company that practically invented all-wheel-drive back in the 80's. The Q7 has a family ressemblance; it looks like what might result if two cousins-- say, a VW Touareg and an A6 Avant wagon--hooked up at a Porsche family reunion. The good looks are undeniable, but there's a slight mutant quality, too.

Counting back from the expected delivery date--the 1st qtr of 2006 for Europe, anyway--I calculate the reunion took place in late June, probably at a spa near Stuttgart.

If that's not already TMI, you can check out more pics and specs at Jalopnik. Prices start around $60k.
Audi (Finally) Reveals Q7, European Version [jalopnik]


60K! Holy shite! Our 95 Explorer just died and we're in the market for a new, safe affordable car. We're looking at good "pre-owned" wagons (Audi All Road, Passat, E320, etc.) Something the husband would want to drive that is not an SUV. Also heard good things about Subarus. All advice is welcome.

[I remain a huge fan of the All Road, but only because I don't own one. My brother dumped his after a year, and a good friend regales us with tales of how expensive the frequent now-out-of-warranty repairs are. -ed.]

Sweet! Now all I gotta do is convince the wife that the baby doesn't need a college fund...

There was a whole slew of posts about the new Subaru SUV a little while ago...

I have been counting the days until this car made its appearance in showrooms...I own an audi and love them. My a4 is just not cutting it with the huge carseat...i didn't know 60k though...I was told they were starting around mid-40's. Are you sure???

We test drove the Subaru Tribeca, and it was like driving the living room. Hee-yooge. You might as well not have been in a car. And terrible rear visibility. I have no idea how anyone in a large city would park a behemoth like that. Lovely interior, though.

We bought a Forester instead. We love our old Legacy, but it's time we joined modern America and be a two-car family.

At a time when premium gasoline is nearing $3.00/gal in NJ (where gas is cheaper than say, NY or PA), it amazes me that Americans are still clamoring to buy more and more SUV's, especially these "not a real truck" types that have less actual cargo space than your average small station wagon.

It's time to wise up, America.

There was a very sad article I read the other day about how people are starting to change jobs to eliminate long commutes or make other allowances in their lives because of the gas prices. One stupid woman is packing a bag lunch to work every day because it helps her to spend over $100 a week on gas for her behemoth SUV that she uses to commute long-distance.

There's a sucker born every minute, I suppose...

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